Monday, April 17, 2006

A professional golfer's blog!

There just aren't enough female golf bloggers. But we can add one more to the list!

There also aren't enough professional golfers blogging. We can add one to that as well - for a total of.... ONE?

That's right, Megan Heckeroth, an actual pro golfer on the LPGA tour has her own golf blog and I'm adding it to my list of sites on my sidebar. I first learned about it over on Bogey Lounge, then it got picked up over at Hooked on Golf, where her blog posts are also featured now.
She writes about her trips and her tournaments - how cool is that? It's like what I do, only I'm a hack and a wannabe. She's actually ON TOUR! One thing, though: her site has this funny green tint to it... or maybe that's just the way I see it through my jealous, jealous eyes.

Go, Megan! Good luck and keep blogging!
(photo taken from megangolf.com)

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JFB said...

Thanks for the info on another LPGA pros blog. Here's another link to a few LPGA rookies: http://www.lpga.com/entertainment_content.aspx?pid=5724

You can also connect from my "Links" section on my site.

Megan Heckeroth said...

Thanks for the blog roll. Yes I love to blog. I got started because I kept getting calls on my cell from friends and family asking for details about my trips and what was happening there. So instead of repeating myself a dozen times after I'd come in from a round, I just started posting on my blog page. Then I got a bunch of emails from bloggers out there who started picking me up on their blogs (just like you did). So I started going and reading their blogs and found out that there are a lot of golf fans who appreciate the insight of being on tour. So that's where I am now.
And Thank You very much for having profiled me on your blog.
Cheers from Texas this week,

Golfchick said...


Thanks for the rookie links. I knew some of them were doing blogs, but I thought that was kind of part of their contract. Part of why I like Megan's is because it seems to be "non-sanctioned" and more raw.


Holy cow, I'm just flattered you even came to my site. It feels funny having YOU call ME "golfchick."
I completely understand your reasoning for starting the blog in the first place, and I'm just glad the rest of us get to enjoy it now.
Thanks for stopping by and posting. I hope to take you on one day... maybe on the senior tour. :)