Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Rained on but not rained out

Last weekend was our monthly tournament with the Treehouse club. Rain was predicted and we all thought it would be rained out. I seriously did NOT expect to be playing golf that day.

It was cold, but it wasn’t raining at our start time so the course was open for business! Greg and I had a little too much fun the night before (figuring we weren’t going to play, of course) and so we were scrambling when we heard it was on. We got to the course moments before our tee time and hustled to the tees. It was “show up and play” like I’ve never done before. Who needs to warm up or putt a few anyway? Evidently I do.

I’ve been in quite a slump lately, breaking 100 the wrong way my last several times out. I played a “practice” round on this course – Los Robles Greens – a few days before the tournament. It was really just so I’d get some golf in before the rain, but I shot a 95. Not good, but at least I was back on the right side of 100.

We got soaked with rain/sleet for a few holes late in the round and my butt didn’t thaw out for about an hour after we were finished and waiting inside for the rest of the field to come in. It wasn’t just the tournament that got rained on, though. So did my parade. What parade? Well, up until then, I had won something in every tournament I played. Now I’m just another golfer. Hmph. Gotta work on my game! I shot the exact same score as my practice round for the tournament, and even though my index is below 17 which is the cutoff mark for A-flight, my course handicap was 18 (plus 4 strokes for the course rating difference in the tees) so I played in B-flight for the day. Net 73 was not enough to place.

Greg, on the other hand, shot a stellar round (81) and he got 15 strokes so he netted 66 to finish first place in A-flight. That’s really how he should be playing. It was nice to see him back to form, and I hope he continues the trend. I was starting to worry that it was my presence that had his index ballooning, so it’s good to know he can play well with me there. :)
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