Thursday, March 23, 2006

Let's give her something to blog about

Someone e-mailed me wondering if I got to 100 posts and quit blogging. I guess I just haven't been inspired lately, but I do have one tidbit to share. I've mentioned before that one of the reasons I love golf is because there's always something new to experience - always another "first."

Well, during my last round I experienced another one. It was a short par-4 (271) and I was playing with a couple brand new golfers. I guess they felt intimidated because they kept wanting me to go first. The people ahead of us were just chipping onto the green but I decided to wait until they got up there in case I got a hold of one. Boy, did I get a hold of it. Ripped it right up there and drove the green to about 12 feet from the pin, I did. Of course, I followed it up with my usual crap and turned a potential eagle into a par with a three-putt. The old couple who were on the green were very nice when I apologized for hitting into them.

My drives seem to average more around the 225 range and even though I tend to hit one or two around 260-270 per round, I never expect to, especially when there's the potential for reaching the green. Because when I try to drive it, I get too juiced up and over-swing. Sound familiar?

The rest of the round was typical of my play lately. I posted a dismal 92 on an easy course for a whopping 22.5 differential. Ugh... I sure don't like watching that index shoot up. I guess that counts as another first - my first slump. I have to work on those greens in regulation and putting. I only hit 3 other greens in reg that round and had 6 three-putts. By the way, does driving the green even count as a green in regulation or is that some other statistic?

Anyway, another first under my belt. :)

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm glad my e-mail put some spurs in your butt. Missed your posts. Had a similar dissapointment last year on a 565 yd dogleg par 5. Cut the corner over the trees to 195, nailed a three-hybrid to 18 feet, was looking to cash in on the $5 dollar eagle we play, or at least the $2 bird, blew the first putt 6' by, 180'd the next one, halved the hole. Blew up at myself and went double, bogey on the next 2. Golf, like life, is full of delicious anticipations, frustrating realities.

Eddie said...

Sounds like your on the juice.
260 to 270 yards.
im not worthy.

NothingMan said...

Congrats again. I remember one very windy day 2 years ago, I had 3 eagle putts (2 par5's and 1 par4). To me, that was probably the most fulfillment I've had in golf... just having the opportunities.

However, I have never gotten an eagle. Missed one by an inch or so (lipped it) and missed the others by a LONG shot (those two were JUST on the green and a mile away). Ended up with 2 birds and a par. I have only had that opportunity once since then (2 years), so enjoy the feeling while it's fresh :-)

Golfchick said...

Greg: Thanks for the prod and I'm sorry to have kept you waiting. Glad you came forward. :)

Eddie: My particular brand of juice is my R580XD by TaylorMade. Any more "juice" comments and I might come after you with it! :)

Nothingman: Thanks and congrats on your eagle opportunities. Keep it up - there will be more! Now, if I could only putt...

Eddie said...

I noticed alittle rage in your writing. I was talking about OJ with a little Grey Goose. I wonder what juice your talking about?

Golfchick said...

Who would taint their Grey Goose with OJ? OJ did it, you know.

mediaguru @ hookedongolfblog.com said...

271? wow. Corey Pavin would be jealous.