Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The golf blog I really want to write

I don't go searching for new golf blogs to read. I leave that kind of research up to fellow bloggers like the big cats over at EatGolf and Hooked on Golf Blog and then I jump on the bandwagons I like. And I don't put every blog I've checked out in my links list; I just put the ones I read frequently enough to subscribe to their feeds. I might start a more encompassing list of golf blogs and other golf sites, but that remains to be seen.

Today I'm adding a link to a relatively new golf blog called Luke Swilor's Road to the Tour. Luke is a professional golfer playing in the mini-tours, trying to make it to the big show. To me, it is just riveting. I love getting the inside look at what it's like on this path. And it's got drama, too. I guess it's leading up to Q-school at the end of the year and I have every confidence that he'll make it. I'll definitely be rooting for him.

I wish there was a female equivalent of this blog. I can't seem to find any straight forward information on what that path even looks like or where the entry is. From what I can tell, there are nowhere near the number of "mini-tours" for women as there are for men. I suspect it would be a whole different ballgame trying to stay in the black since the purses are so disparate. Plus, I don't even know where a person has to start as far as qualifying or going to golf school or anything. I bet there are some men who would like that kind of information from Luke. What did you do to get where you are now? What were the steps you had to take? Maybe I'll have to create the female version.

Anyway, I wish I could say my blog was also subtitled "Road to the Tour." Maybe I'll call it

The Much (much) Longer Road to the (other) Tour.
Maybe I should get to be a scratch golfer before I worry about that. But a girl's gotta have goals, right? Hey Luke - how about a friendly wager - a race to the tour? Since I just started golfing a little more than a year ago, how many years handicap will you give me? ;)

Next post.


Greg said...

I'm a big fan of Luke too. I think we need to start planning The Blogger Open. Luke should be in the Houston area for the Tour Championship at Champions and I'm sure some other bloggers will gain interest as the ball gets rolling.

You in GC??


Luke Swilor said...

What a great article. This guy sounds very cool. ;)

First off GREG: I might have been a bit optimistic in saying I'll be at the Tour Championship. We might have to give it a few years.

I don't think there is much of a mini tour scene for the ladies, other than the futures tour (equivilent to men's nationwide). Your right in the fact that it would be hard for someone not on the LPGA Tour to make any kind of money.

BUT...there is much less of a barrier of entry to the LPGA Tour because of the fact that there are many fewer women golf pros right now. This may change, but if it does I expect places to play will create themselves. In a mini tour event (as opposed to state opens, other events) we are playing for our own money. So if there are enough women looking for somewhere to play, the men's mini tour model could easily carry over.

I can only give you a two-year handicap. You're learning curve is too steep.

Kiwi said...

Luke's site is normally one of the few sites that I visit regularly as well.
Its' great having a glimpse inside of a pro golfer on the road.

Anonymous said...

I'd be up for a "blogger open" but I don't know about Houston. Southern California is nice. :)


I think it's still pretty tough for the ladies to break in but I know there's not nearly as much competition as with the men.
I'll take the two years - you're on! (What shall we wager?)


dave said...

I forgot who recommended this link to me but it has been a couple of months. I do enjoy reading what he has to say about his life sort of on the road. A real good read.

Luke Swilor said...

Hey Kristen

You're right, it is still VERY hard to get on the LPGA tour. But it is a professional sport for a lot of money, so it should be, no?

As for our the stakes on our wager, I'll have to think about it. Maybe you could put it to your readers.

I've now got two bloggers challenging me (I'm planning on dusting off the mediaguru when his chest heals). I guess I better get to work.

Golfchick said...


It absolutely should be difficult. I have a lot of thoughts on this... might need another post.

I'll think about the stakes for our wager as well. Meanwhile, if anyone out there has ideas, we're listening!


Luke Swilor said...

While doing a little searching of my own, I found a women's mini tour. Of all places, it's the Hooter's Tour (I really was looking for golf tournaments). http://hooterstour.com/Womenseries/ladies_series.htm

Golfchick said...

Cool, looks like it's brand new this year. Maybe there will be more popping up (so to speak).

Thanks for the update, Luke! (I bet you read Playboy for the articles, right?)


NothingMan said...

Aren't we forgetting The Big Break? Isn't that the equivalent Luke? Haven't been to Swilor's site yet, so thanks for turning me onto it. And good luck Luke, if you happen to peek back to this post. Heading over there now.

Golfchick said...

The Big Break isn't a mini-tour, I think it's more of a stage for people to compete to get a chance on the Big Tour. And I think there have been more seasons for the men. I'd guess with the auditioning process, it's probably as hard to break into the Big Break as it is to the tour. :)