Saturday, December 10, 2005

Not Just "Stitious"

Since winning my club championship, I haven’t written much here and for that, I apologize to all three of my readers. I have my reasons, though. Maybe I was caught up with other priorities (gasp!). Maybe I also lacked inspiration. More importantly, whatever I did on a course or the range, whatever thoughts I had about golf, I didn’t want to post it for fear of “jinxing” my performance at the Tournament of Club Champions on December 5.

It’s true: I’m not just stitious, I’m superstitious! (That’s actually a phrase I made up to describe my actions at Angel games e.g. using a certain stall in the restroom, only purchasing beer and peanuts from certain vendors. And yes, I believe in the power of the Rally Monkey. Actually, I believe in the power of the energy the Rally Monkey generates, but let’s not get too technical.) Anyway, now that the jig is up, so to speak, I’m free to post, provided the inspiration comes and priorities allow. I’ll be posting about my experience at that tournament soon. Thank you for your patience.

Next post.

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