Sunday, August 21, 2005

I'm not a beginner anymore

It’s official. Yesterday was my one year anniversary of my first round of golf. I’m told that means I’m now a veteran golfer. I guess now that I can’t claim to be a beginner, my 24 handicap just means I suck. All the more reason to improve each time I play, or at least really really try.

So how did I celebrate? By putting that handicap to good use and winning my match play round in yesterday’s tournament at Camarillo Springs with the Treehouse Golf Club. Some other club members led me to believe beating my opponent would be a cakewalk. (They also told me to bring him a pack of Marlboro lights and buy him shots of tequila from the cart girl, but I had to challenge myself to win “fair and square.”) Of course, they had exaggerated and he showed up with his A-game. We both blew the first hole and tied it, then I blew the second and went down one. I won the next two holes and never was down again. However, I was up three after nine when he really turned it on. He went on a par tear and really made me work for it. I didn’t one-putt all day and his putting was on fire. I only won four holes on the back and was only up one after 17 so he could have tied it. We both bogeyed 18 so I would have won one-up but I got a stroke on that hole so ended it up two.

I also took second place in the stroke play. Guess who took first? My opponent in match play! Well good for him. I think he won $10 more than I did by taking first, and I get to continue onto the semifinals toward the club championship (and the finals for my flight). He can have the ten clams. I’m a golfer now.

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