Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Goose Abuse!

I know they can be annoying and I've had my share of goose by-product on my clubs, ball and shoes. I also know golf can be frustrating. But anger management should be handled appropriately on the golf course. Take it out on the ball with your driver off the tee like the rest of us. Seek therapy off the course. Don't take it out on the poor geese. This moron should be wearing a helmet at all times and should not be allowed to drive a motorized vehicle of any kind or be allowed to hold club-like objects. How could you kill a silly goose? This story made me sick. Misdemeanor disorderly conduct? People in his community should find out if this guy wets his bed and keep an eye on him as a possible sociopath and future serial killer.

I call this one Gary. He's our local orange-footed friend at Mountain View in Santa Paula, CA. He may not even be a goose, certainly not Canadian, but come on. Look at him!

No, this is not what I meant by "the goose is coming," it's just another goose installment. Stay tuned...

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