Tuesday, June 21, 2005

In the Beginning

Why oh why did I wait so long in life to take up golf? I guess I thought it was silly to smack a little ball as far as you could, traipse after it and search until you find it only to hit it away again once you did. Turns out I was right. I just didn't know how much I would enjoy that silliness.
Late last summer (August 2005) I finally discovered for myself why so many people are crazy for this activity. I had been wanting to try golf for a few years, and it was my boyfriend Greg that got me out to the range and let me swing a few of his clubs. He is completely self taught, but he was able to articulate a few of the basics of the swing, and beyond that it was pretty much "monkey see, monkey do." As you would expect, my first swings were awkward and pathetic. I got a hold of a few, though, and wanted to try again very soon.

Next, he took me to the local nine-hole par 3 dogrun where we hit balls at the range before renting me a wedge and a putter to go try the actual game. I don't remember my score that day (oh yes, we kept score) but it had to have been in the 50's or 60's. From day one I have counted every stroke and refused to take any mulligans. Taking my medicine is part of the learning process. Plus, it helps me learn the rules as far as where to take a drop and what kind of penalties are imposed in what situations. I learned more about rules and etiquette that day by far than I did about how to play better. Gotta start somewhere.

I think we played the nine hole course one more time before I went out and purchased some clubs of my own. I was already completely hooked. I went down to Golfsmith and went all out. I must have made the sales clerk's day when I walked in and said I needed everything. He got me set up with irons, a putter, a bag, balls, tees, and a driver. I was told I wouldn't be needing a driver for awhile but I went for it anyway. I'm glad - today it's my favorite club. I could only hit it at the range, since the longest hole on the course we were playing was barely more than 100 yards. Soon, Greg determined that I was "ready for Westlake."

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dave said...

It’s nice to see a new golf blog and hear a bout a new golf addict. Good luck and never give it up. I was directed here from eatgolf.

Golfchick said...

Thanks Dave. I love eatgolf!